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Intelligent Parking system

Wasltec wireless parking space detection system provides accurate measurement on occupancy of individual parking spaces in parking lot and on-street parking spaces. Due to the wireless sensor network formed among these parking detection sensors, wireless routers and one data collector in a certain parking lot, the parking space occupancy information is transmitted to system provider’s parking management platform timely. This parking information can be used to provide application service to people for parking guidance, and also can be used for on-street parking management.

Indoor Parking system

(Wasltec wireless parking space detector) can be widely used in indoor parking lots.

Outdoor Parking system

(Wasltec wireless parking space detector) can be widely used in outdoor parking lots.

On-street Parking system

Wasltec wireless On-street Parking system space detector

Traffic Wireless Vehicle Detection System
  • Arterial
    • Traffic flow (volume, speed, occupancy, type) monitor
    • Performance measurement
    • Travel time system
    • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)
    • Speed enforcement
    • Signal period optimization
    • Congestion prediction
    • Vehicle classification
  • Freeway
    • Freeway traffic monitoring and operations
    • Traveler information systems
    • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM)
    • Speed measurement
    • Length detection and classification
    • Vehicle counting
    • Ramp metering optimization
    • Congestion evaluation
  • Intersection
    • Traffic signal light control
    • Adaptive/responsive traffic signal optimization
    • Traffic performance measurement
    • Traveler information systems
    • Red light enforcement
    • Stop bar presence detection
    • Turn movement counting
    • Real-time/periodical traffic flow monitor