Completed Project

Our Mobile Application

Waslni App

Wslni Taxi is a program that helps you find a taxi to get you from your place to any location you want.


Darlana is a shop App that helps you to get the best dresses.


All you needs in one app select what service you need make a call and it will be available for you.

Najdi Restaurants

The Najdi Online Food Delivery App is Now in Your Pocket!


Laundriya App is the most convenient way to do laundry and dry cleaning.

Freesia App

Freesia is App that gave you best Service Flower Arrangement Processing Gifts for various occasions, Delivery of roses to the house Hospital Homes Workplaces, delivery of flowers Natural and artificial flowers shop


Enough wasting time searching for shared food or for family producer to make an order. You can now browse and filter cuisine types of thousands of shared and family producer menus near you using the cookin app.

Wassle Client

Application idea (delivery services), ssA simple explanation of the application (the customer serves in terms of delivery of orders, of any kind, anywhere in the city or abroad, depending on the connection devices connected to the program to serve the customer, by contacting the customer with the representative and to have a conversation with him and make an order, to the delivery representative to finish the order and start Delivery process). Application elements (connection delegate, client)


ICap Taxi is an application that helps its users easily communicate with taxi drivers to move them from their places to anywhere within the city


Sheel is a application seeks to provide services to the user for transporting luggage or Electrical devices or other things that the user may want to transfer from one place to another, and it provides a service for the dismantling and assembling of furniture or anything needed to dismantle and assemble.


The application of Dr. Sen is one of the first applications that interested in connecting dental patient dental students by booking appointments to suit the requirements of service providers, and you can view the files of students of personal dentistry and evaluation after the completion of the treatment session, Dr. Sen also collects the offers and discounts for dental clinics and facilitates communication with them.

Smart Lancers

An application to help university students and new graduates to be connected to companies, whether governmental or civil, providing employment opportunities, cooperative and voluntary training and providing social services for them.